Pet Policy

Unfortunately pets are not allowed on this list due to some bad people that collect and sell for animal testing. They can poise as a kind family looking for a dog or a cat.

Here is what the MI Humane Society says. Please use the links below to re-home your pet or another humane shelter.

The Michigan Humane Society does not endorse the giving or “trading” of pets to others without careful screening as to the suitability of the potential new home. Screening is a critically important step in re-homing animals due to many possible dangers including cruelty or neglect, being sold for research, dog fighting or other forms of exploitation.”

No kill shelters (does not euthanize due to overcrowding and unwanted pets):

Kill Shelters (Will euthanasia for overcrowding or if animal is there too long):

Classified for pets (They list animals from shelters):