Scam Alerts

The person will subscribe to the list. By the next day they will offer a really nice offer. When someone requests the offer, they will ask you to click on a link to see a picture, be very careful with clicking on it.

Here is a sample of a scam message: (Note, I removed the dots (periods) and added spaces and modified the URL slightly as this is from a real scam).

you can see a picture of it here www pic8j info / 89fdg34t

What is wrong with this? All reputable photo sites end in .com not .info. The /89dfg34t is a directory and not a picture. It wouldn’t even make sense as a valid username. People have meanings in their usernames. Like parts of their names or things they like.

I Googled the domain name ( This is safe to click on). No real site info pops up. Try Googleing ( You will see the first listing is for Flickr and the following ones look like legitimate links to it. So is probably safe (it is, I am a Pro member).

The results for pick8j is a whois record, which shows the person is trying to hide who they are with the domain name registrar. A real valid company has no reason to hide info. The next 2 results says do not click on this link, and the next one would infect you if you click on it. I have WOT installed and it has a red circle next to it to warn me. Norton and others have toolbars with their anti-virus programs that will warn you too. I think Norton has a free version too.